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Tuscan Flavor Bases

Truly great authentic Tuscan cooking cannot be accomplished without an understanding of the basic ingredients and the distinctly Italian approach to putting them together. Tuscan food combines elements of three methods of creating flavor bases and can elevate even the most humble foods to greatness.

Three Methods of Creating Tuscan Flavor Bases

  1. Odori
    A blend of vegetables and herbs that are sautéed in extra-virgin olive oil. The most common combinations are celery, carrots, garlic, onion, parsley and other herbs, such as rosemary, bay or thyme. This serves as a flavor base for ninety percent of Tuscan recipes.
  2. Sofritto
    The result of sautéing the vegetables and herbs that comprise the Odori.
  3. Insaporire
    An infusion of flavor. The Tuscan cook takes the Sofritto and uses it as an infusion of flavor into many recipes that inspire them.

With My Nonni’s, the combination of all-natural veal, pork, beef and vegetables in addition to the sequential reduction of various liquids over these sautéed meats and vegetables, makes the ravioli and sauce especially complex and rich tasting.

My Nonni’s ravioli and sauce are built on the quality and combination of ingredients, the variety of flavors, and a culinary tradition that draws on cultural heritage and healthy nutrition.


From Tuscany with love