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My Nonni’s Meat Ravioli and Meat Sauce are the best raviolis and sauce I’ve ever tasted – seriously.
Jill M. - San Mateo, CA
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Dos and Don'ts of Italian Cooking

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Tuscan Tips

Dos and Don'ts of Italian Cooking

Italian cooks are guided by basic principles of taste. Enjoy these pearls of Italian cooking wisdom that I’ve learned along the way: (Lynne – we need to add why to each of these)

  • Only use parmigiano-reggiano. No other parmesan will do.
  • Always grate your own fresh cheese fresh at the time you are ready to use it.
  • Do not add grated Parmesan to pasta whose sauce has been cooked with olive oil. (There are a few rare exceptions)
  • Only use extra virgin olive oil.
  • Use herbs and spices sparingly.
  • Do not overcook pasta.
  • When making risotto, use only Italian varieties grown for that purpose.
  • Unless you are on a strict sodium diet, do not shy away from using salt to draw out the flavor of food.
  • When a recipe calls for parsley, use flat- leaf Italian parsley.
  • Do not confuse stock with meat broth. Meat broth is what goes into Italian cooking.
  • Do not precook pasta if you don’t have to.

From Tuscany with love