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Yeah!! I just saw My Nonni’s raviolis and sauce at the Andronico’s in Los Altos. I got so excited that I whooped and hollered.
Sharon S., Los Altos Hills
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Ravioli Raves

I am currently looking for the ‘love of my life’. After the fourth or fifth date, I will invite my ‘love interest’ over for dinner. I only serve your raviolis and sauce. If they like them, then the relationship goes on. If they don’t like them, they are out!

Vince V. - San Francisco, CA

I am a native of Lucca, Italy and your raviolis and meat sauce are the best I’ve had outside of Italy. Bravo!

— San Francisco, CA

I can’t believe anything that tastes this good comes out of a box.

Doug S. – San Francisco, CA

I served your raviolis and sauce to our guests from Boston and what a stupendous response we received. They wanted to know where this fantastic dinner came from (they knew I didn’t make them). Can they order it and have it shipped to Boston?

Lin W. – San Francisco, CA

Your ravioli and sauce were fabulous. We just finished off the entire thing. They are truly the best store bought I have ever had.

Julie K. — Mill Valley, CA

My husband has been seriously ill for a long time and hardly eats anymore. He has lost over 30 pounds since December of 2007 just because he can't eat. Tonight he ate an entire package of your raviolis and sauce and just asked me if there are any more around. Your raviolis have created a monster! I just emptied the Sonoma Market freezer of your raviolis and sauce.

Mimi W. - Sonoma, CA

I have a funny husband and I are both Italian. I come from a huge Italian step father is one of the BEST cooks and his family had a restaurant in San Diego and in Sicily. Anyway, I got some of your product this past weekend and decided to try it out. Both my husband and I were a bit hesitant since we are used to authentic Italian. When we saw that it was frozen sauce we were a little skeptical...I mean the only frozen sauce we have ever used was from my dad and his Nonni!

So, long story cut short, we cooked it and ate it for dinner. I am being COMPLETELY honest...we BOTH LOVED IT!!! I mean, we even opened the Wonder Bread to be able to lick the bowl and not waste the rest of the sauce left after eating the ravioli. WOW! We are both very amazed at how great it was...Grazie.
Charaighn S. - Modesto, CA

Unbelievable! Literally racing home from an unplanned out-of-town business trip to a madhouse (my own) where my husband was trying his best to get ready for our monthly Wine & Dine event at our house. 8 people showing up within an hour. 'Throwing steaks on the barbecue' was cancelled due to rain. We had My Nonni’s Raviolis and Sauce in the freezer to sample “some other time.” This is the Unbelievable part — heaps of raviolis in a beautiful serving dish, sauce poured over (and in a gravy boat for extra), dusted with fresh grated parmesan, served with a Sangiovese that paired perfectly with it.

The other couples brought the side dishes but who even remembers what they were? We were too busy licking the plate. This has now become my new Wine & Dine specialty. Thank you My Nonni’s!
Patty C. - Grass Valley, CA

Yeah!! I just saw My Nonni’s raviolis and sauce at the Andronico’s in Los Altos. I got so excited that I whooped and hollered.
Sharon S. - Los Altos Hills

Oh my God, thank you…My father-in-law came from Lucca to San Francisco in the early 1920’s. He had his own Italian restaurant at the produce market. He started teaching me to cook when I married his son in 1968. I made 4 ‘gallons’ of his ‘sugo’ yesterday. Out of curiosity, I purchased your raviolis and sauce to test for similarity. I could not believe it. Both the sauce and the raviolis are identical. I have not ground up my left over beef, pork and veal in several years to make raviolis because everyone I know expected me to feed them. Now, I can refer all of them, with great satisfaction, to your products. Even your recipe for antipasto is identical. I cannot thank you enough. Tonight I am going to test your raviolis and sauce on my fussy Toscano husband. I do not think that he will know the difference between mine and yours.
Diane C. - Belmont

Thank you My Nonni’s. Your raviolis and sauce have been a godsend to me. I stock up my freezer with bags of raviolis and boxes of sauce for my two teenage sons. They come home at all hours and cook themselves a plate of raviolis in minutes. I’ve also made your polenta lasagna with the meat sauce, and it has been a hit every time I cook it and everyone loves it.
Terry G. - San Bruno

My grandchildren and I had My Nonni’s raviolis and meat sauce for dinner tonight. It was delicious!!! What a great product. I’m sure you have made ‘your Nonni’ proud. Good luck.
Carol R. - Santa Rosa

Our friend introduced us to your wonderful raviolis and sauce which we enjoyed for dinner tonight. They are delicious and taste homemade! My husband thought they were great and that I had made them (only in his dreams!!). I am thrilled to have discovered ‘My Nonni’s’ raviolis and sauce and will definitely share this new found treasure with others. Thank you so much for sharing a family recipe and for making our family feel like we are part of yours!
Mary S. - San Francisco

Thank you for the delicious pasta and sauce. My family and I love your raviolis and they were a huge hit at a recent dinner party. An hour before guests arrived, I learned that four teens and college kids would be joining us. I knew some were picky eaters who would not enjoy the steak and cauliflower I had planned to serve. Your raviolis and sauce absolutely saved the day. Many thanks.
Debbie G. - Palo Alto

Thank you so much for your wonderful meat raviolis and meat sauce. I picked some up at the market yesterday and had them for dinner last night. They were out of this world. So easy, and I am having a few friends over for lunch on Saturday, so that is what I will serve with a salad. I know my friends will go crazy over them. Your raviolis and sauce will surely make the Christmas holidays easier for me this year.
Margo H. - San Jose

Terrific, fantastic and oh so goooooood…We loved the sauce and raviolis and they were both so yummy.
Connie P. - Saratoga, CA

My Nonni’s Meat Ravioli and Meat Sauce are the best raviolis and sauce I’ve ever tasted – seriously.
Jill M. - San Mateo, CA

I used to make my own sauce till I tasted this one. Now I only buy and use this sauce. I'm never going to make my own sauce again.
Sharon T. - South San Francisco, CA

These raviolis and sauce are great. So fresh it tastes like you were in the kitchen all day. So convenient that you don’t have to be.
Ryan G. – Reno, NV

My wife and children raved about your raviolis and sauce, they were delicious.
Mario S. - Sonoma, CA

I ordered the three meat ravioli [at a restaurant in Florence] and I couldn’t believe it, they tasted just like My Nonni’s. Now when I cook your raviolis and sauce, I feel like I’m back in Florence.
Jessica L. - San Mateo, CA

They are just like my grandmother used to make. When I cook up the sauce it smells like my grandmother’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon when we would all go over for the big Sunday night dinner.
Tony S. - South San Francisco, CA

Your raviolis and sauce are so delicious.
Albert R. - Emeryville, CA

I expected quality, but in my wildest imaginings I did not expect it to taste so homemade . . . You just want to slow down and really enjoy it. I also appreciate the complexity – I would have been happy with just the pasta. Or just the filling. Or just the sauce. Together they were nearly otherworldly.
Lynn K. - San Francisco, CA

We had guests over the other night and they went crazy – really and truly – over My Nonni’s rav’s and sauce. They loved them.
Lindsay H. – San Francisco, CA

My Nonni’s Meat Ravioli and Meat Sauce is definitely better than anything else on the market…we loved the flavor profiles. The boletto mushrooms in the sauce are delicious. It looks and tastes homemade, which is good. I loved the picture of your Nonni on the back of the packages.
Annette B. - Oakland, CA

Kudos to My Nonni’s. Pete and I thought the raviolis were outstanding – I’ll quote Pete... 'They are the best I’ve ever had. You’ve got a winner.'
Marge K. - Aptos, CA

It’s so fresh tasting and so homemade tasting.
Catherine H. - Danville, CA

I have to say that My Nonni’s ravioli’s and sauce are the best I have ever had. I waited to share them with my son who came to dinner the other night. They are fabulous.
Tom E. – San Carlos, CA

The best. Just absolutely the best. If this were waiting for me after a day of work, it would feel like a real special occasion. The consistency is extraordinary – you just would not expect it from frozen ravioli.
David W. - San Francisco, CA

I love everything about these raviolis. The texture, the taste, the ingredients are perfect. It doesn't fall apart like other ravioli’s, but it’s not at all gummy. Just wonderful.
Kiera W. - San Francisco, CA

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