My Nonni's
They are just like my grandmother used to make. When I cook up the sauce it smells like my grandmother’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon when we would all go over for the big Sunday night dinner.
Tony S. - South San Francisco, CA
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My Nonni's
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  • All natural, healthy ingredients frozen fresh
  • Fresh ingredients grown locally in California's Central Valley
  • Certified antibiotic and hormone free meats
  • No additives or preservatives, hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Fourth generation Tuscan family recipes
  • Gourmet meal in under 10 minutes

Let My Nonni's cook for you tonight!

Founded by Lynne Rosaia in 2005, My Nonni’s Italian Foods is a San Francisco family owned company that produces traditional fourth generation meat raviolis and meat sauce. My Nonni’s is about tradition, a sense of family and the pure enjoyment of dining-in together. Our products perfectly reflect that tradition through our authentic Tuscan flavors.

My Nonni's uses only the finest and freshest ingredients grown locally in California’s Central Valley – tender beef, veal and country pork, pasta made from semolina flour, fresh tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and spices as well as imported Italian cheeses. All the meats used in My Nonni’s products are certified antibiotic free and hormone free.

My Nonni’s products have no additives or preservatives, no hydrogenated oils and no trans fats. They are made in small production runs in an Italian–owned facility that ensures the integrity of My Nonni’s traditional recipes.

To learn more about My Nonni’s ingredients, nutritional content and serving instructions click on a product below:

Traditional Tuscan Meat Sauce


Italian Three-Meat Ravioli

Meat Sauce


From Tuscany with love