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It’s so fresh tasting and so homemade tasting.
Catherine H. - Danville, CA
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My Nonni's
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Meet the Family

Welcome to my family. In 1910, my great-grandparents came to Northern California from Lucca, bringing with them a passion for exceptional food. From their restaurant across from the historic Ferry Building, my great grandmother shared her pasta and sauce with generations of hungry San Franciscans. Their Tuscan recipes were eventually passed down to my Nonni, then to my mother, Lillian, and then to me. I am pleased to share a slice of our lives along with our treasured family recipes with you.

At left is a family portrait (from left to right): My Nonno Luigi, my great grandmother, Bisnonni Armida, my great uncle Gino, my great aunt Amali, and my great uncle Adolfo who later became a mayor of South San Francisco. This photo was taken right before they immigrated to America to reunite with my biznonno Ergidio.

Family Photo Album


San Francisco, CA

My great grandmother, Bisnonni Armida, with four of her grand children at the beach.


South San Francisco, CA Family Deli

My mother, Lillian, and I share a moment cooking sauce together in the deli's kitchen.


South San Francisco, CA Family Deli

At 93, My Nonni Adeline was still cooking sauce at our deli.


South San Francisco, CA

My great grandmother Armida in front of her house surrounded by grandchildren. She gently warns us not to eat anyone else's ravioli!

Santa Rosa, CA

My great grandmother with her brother-in-law Pietro and two of her grandchildren at Pietro's ranch in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa, CA

My great grandmother with her daughter, Amali, and her husband, James, with a neighbor at Amali's ranch in Santa Rosa.


South San Francisco, CA

My great grandmother and Great Grandfather Egidio, in front of their house with some of the grandchildren. As you can tell my great grandparents loved to eat.

San Francisco, CA

My nonni is seated on the rock on the left and my grandfather is seated to the right of her with my mother on his lap.

My Great Grandmother took her family and her pasta to the beach. Mangia!

Dad as Al Capone

Here's my father, Dennis Rosaia, doing one of his many 'Al Capone' skits. He would put on many of these comedy skits for church and social engagements. I occasionally joined him as his 'Mama Rosa'.


Photo of me and my three brothers at my younger brother's wedding.

Family Photo

Early family photo with my brothers and mother.


From Tuscany with love