My Nonni's
I love everything about these raviolis. The texture, the taste, the ingredients are perfect. It doesn't fall apart like other ravioli’s, but it’s not at all gummy. Just wonderful.
Kiera W. - San Francisco, CA
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My Nonni's
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Meet Lynne Rosaia

I am blessed – blessed by being born Italian and blessed with the passion for food that all Italians share.

Food has always been my family's response to every important occasion. Preparing great meals is the Italian way of comforting each other during times of sorrow and celebrating the joyous moments of our lives.

Growing up in an Italian family meant one thing: mangia, mangia, mangia!

There was always a dance in the kitchen as we chopped, sautéed, laughed and ate – or simply sat around the table with family and friends all trying to talk at the same time. An overwhelming feeling of love, belonging and pride swell as I remember the old stories and words of wisdom I gleaned from our active kitchen.

And from this warm environment, my sense of passion grew. Now I am doing what I love most – sharing my rich family history and passion for Italian food with you and your family.

Please enjoy My Nonni's with the people you love.

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From Tuscany with love