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The best. Just absolutely the best. If this were waiting for me after a day of work, it would feel like a real special occasion. The consistency is extraordinary – you just would not expect it from frozen ravioli.
David W. - San Francisco, CA
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My Nonni's
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  Our Story

The Rosaia family’s love affair with food has lasted for generations. In 1910, Lynne’s great grandmother Armida and her four children traveled from Lucca to join her husband in San Francisco. They opened a restaurant across from the Ferry Building and after several years moved to South San Francisco, where the family opened a thriving butcher shop. Lynne's great grandmother passed down beloved recipes and the joy of cooking to her daughter-in-law, who then passed them down to Lynne’s mother and Lynne.

In 1954 Lynne’s parents and three brothers opened an Italian delicatessen in South San Francisco. Keeping the family tradition alive, every Saturday, Lynne’s nonni, Adeline Sani, would cook gallons of her famous meat sauce to sell at the deli. First generation Italian women told Nonni Adeline that her meat sauce was so good, they stopped making their own.

To honor Nonni Adeline’s recipes, My Nonni’s only uses the freshest ingredients grown locally in California's Central Valley. We choose tender beef, veal and country pork, pasta made from imported semolina flour, as well as specially chosen imported cheeses and locally grown fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

My Nonni’s is about tradition, a sense of family and the pure enjoyment of dining-in together. Now you can enjoy our wonderful Italian foods in the comfort of your own home.


From Tuscany with love